Isn’t ‘Sqin’ meant to be spelled with a ‘k’?

Ok, you have a point, I guess we’re a bit rebellious…

Why is OneSqin pronounced 1-Skin, not 1-Sqwin?

Inspired by the word “Qi” – the elemental life force in Chinese culture – OneSqin has no ‘u’ after ‘q’.

Where can I buy OneSqin products?

OneSqin products are available for exclusively on OneSqin.org – please visit our online shop to buy life-changing products.

Where are OneSqin products manufactured?

OneSqin cosmetics are made in an artisan laboratory in Spain. As we expand we plan to have local production facilities in more countries. OneSqin organic cotton tampons are made in a factory in Spain that is run on hydro-electricity.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

How can I help support OneSqin?

Create a social phenomenon. Please spread the word, and share OneSqin in your social networks. To find out how to become a OneSqin Angel, contact us on angel@onesqin.org

Is OneSqin a charity?

No, OneSqin is a registered and regulated Community Interest Company (CIC). Our company makes money by selling products, and then gives ALL our profits to charities. We believe in the power of business to help make the world a fairer place. Our mission is to help girls in need to improve their future and reach their full potential by providing them with education. In years to come, OneSqin C.I.C. will be handed to the charity partner appointed in company documents.

Is OneSqin a “one for one” business? 

No, OneSqin is a social enterprise with the sole purpose of creating positive social change, and therefore donates ALL profits to charity.

How does OneSqin provide education?

We sponsor scholarships through partnerships with charities, NPOs and NGOs. Our first partner is the incredible nonprofit organisation Nurturing Minds. 

What do your student scholarships cover?

Scholarships cover room, food, uniforms, books and educational materials, medical examinations, field trips, recreation equipment and teachers’ pay.

Do you support charities in my country?

We currently support the SEGA Girls School in Tanzania, Africa through the U.S. based nonprofit organisation Nurturing Minds. As we grow, we will start supporting charities, NPOs and NGOs in many more countries and regions, including Europe, Asia and America.

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