Purpose over profit

OneSqin began with a question:

For millions of girls around the world, the right to good quality education and a decent life is denied – so what can we do to change this?

As consumers we hold great collective power. When it comes to the products we use every day, choices that seem small can add up to an enormous impact on our world – for better or worse.

We wanted to make it easy to choose change. Our products were developed to exceed the quality of leading brands – with the sense of luxury and wellbeing that comes from pure, natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. But instead of going to shareholders, 100% of profits go directly to helping girls get the education they need. So conscious consumers can make a difference, simply through the products they use every day.

OneSqin isn’t a charity. It’s a social enterprise founded on the desire to solve problems – and on the hope that over time, ever more of the world’s businesses will accept responsibility for the world they flourish in.

The #OneSqinEffect

Help girls in need every time you buy OneSqin

A world that revolves around money leaves those who have least of it out in the cold. What if businesses chose to solve social problems, and used their power to make the world a fairer place?

OneSqin makes organic cotton tampons and natural skincare products. (To be kind, we’ll say they’re equally as nice as the ones you’re using right now.) 100% of profits are donated to charities that empower girls in need through education. So that simply by using essential items, you can help girls across the world escape a cycle of poverty.

Great change can be the product of everyday actions by ordinary people. Tell the world: please help us create the #OneSqinEffect

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